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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  September 7, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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on the welcome to worlds apart the north korean situation has long favored the status quo as the lesser evil the prospect of war seemed much worse than anything pyongyang was capable of but over the past year or two things changed north korea got new technology and the united states god and your president but all the bluster about the nuclear blast is the status quo is still sustainable for everybody
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involved well to discuss that i'm now joined by donald a former u.s. congressman and current president of the korea economic institute of america mr menzel it's great to talk to you thank you for your time it's nice to talk to thank you for inviting me now the korean problem has long had a tendency of heating up every two or three years but this time around the north koreans indeed have a far more sophisticated technology to back up the death threats and the united states seems to have a much shorter fuse which of these two factors do you find more troubling and i don't think the questions there. first of all the the the fuse is now with the united states to fuse is with north korea and north korea has continued to violate numerous u.n. admonishments as to not continuing with this nuclear capability they have broken several agreements with the united states they have continued to test.
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no other six tests for nuclear bomb apparently they've developed the. the hydrogen bomb in a period they have the i.c.b.m. and so it's not a question of just exposes these the growth of the nuclear weapon system in north korea was saying that the united states has a short fuse i'm not sure i understand where you're going to miss some of the if it's not really surprising for anyone to see that north korea continues to violate international law there is no dispute disagreement on that i think internationally but i think we have never had an american president who would express his displeasure over that in such an abrasive way i'm put the military option so squarely on the table doesn't that make you a little bit worried i'm always worried whenever somebody is about to become a new nuclear power. but there's been no u.s.
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president who has ever been the position of having an i.c.b.m. lobbed across. lob across mainland of japan and then been threatened in the most. horrible way with sane with the components saying that the u.s. really is the enemy of north korea and the north korea is going to destroy it if you want to talk about bellicose words first you have to start with kim general and in effect when president trump said use the language that he did. in the language is quite clear it's fire in theory there are three prominent americans who found nothing wrong with that language former senator lieberman he said look at he said the language was not aimed at north korea was in bed china and nicholas burns who would have been the secretary of state under president clinton said sure his words were not church elie and they were not the greatest and diplomatic languages but
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they were aimed at china and then gordon chang also i mean i if i were president i wouldn't use those words but i. i won't dwell on i would want more and what north korea's doing that on two words that were said spontaneously by the president united states mr mins away you quoted mr burns and mr burns was also extremely critical of our don't know triumph or essentially if trying to blame are to blame south korea for what mr trump called in peace with the talk of appeasement with the north also adding that they meaning the north only understand one thing what could that one thing be in your view that's not what i'm talking about the reference that i had. was it in the words on the words on fire and fury of those words were aimed at china to get china involved in this thing i'm not going to do all on on words that one particular president doesn't use or does use and i
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can talk about north korea and the threat that it has to the mr mansell my point was that mr trump employs very unconventional language not only with regards to north korea but also concerning the united states' closest ally south korea which interest i'm sure i'm very close to your hardon chief to find that kind of language or rather question and bone here's the president states if i were president i would use different language mr mandela to draw you back to the question i posed before that with president trump he said that they meaning the north koreans only understand one thing what do you think he could mean by that one thing. no he said he said that everything is on the table so you can rule out anything when you say everything is on the table you do not marry down to one thoughts on a doornail asked me to get inside the mind of donald trump because i don't i'm not
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capable of doing that you wrote an article just last month in the national interest laying out the possible consequences of a preventative military strike by the united states i think you'll find you you find these possibility quite worrying you also referred time and time again to the u.s. allies who in your view have to be consulted on this but judging again from the language of mr mr trump he he's not very course here still with south korea how was it how how is that kind of language taken in salt in iran and i didn't come here to talk about the president trumps language and i don't want to argue with you but i but the world is innocent very difficult situation let me talk about my article ok and talk about and talk about north korea the reason why i would oppose a saw a so called. the can prevent of strikes serve the call and call them what you want
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unless you know a missile with a warhead is on its way you don't go ahead and launch countermeasures and the problem with symptom of a preventive strike is the fact that in the end most people forget the fact that north korea has presently has some place artillery. aimed at south korea. that has hundreds of thousands of rounds that has been there for years and they could just use unconventional warfare and kill tens of thousands of people. in the northern part of south korea and then to try to go in there and do some type of a preventive strike. to take out the capability something on that nature is it. it just would not work and so the time that the military option could be used is if in fact. we know for sure one hundred percent verifiable with
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the rockets warming up that there is ready to be a launch or that a launch is in progress with a nuclear warhead they could hit any part of the world or rather that they could hit any of our allies including the united states as well a missile. you know intelligence is not always reliable in this day and age and i think we learned hard way through the course of several conflicts but since you you mentioned something about south korea it seems that the language that is coming out of seoul has also been changing south korean national security advisor recently sad that's not south korea would not be against using most powerful strategic assets in order to quote unquote neutralize the p.r. case in nuclear facilities so it seems that even seoul now is talking about a preventative strike. doesn't doc make you concerned and i disagree they're not talking about a preventive strike soul knows more than anybody the fact that of any type of grew
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out of strike would bring about a media retaliation. not even including a missile but with regard to the. defense artillery that have been in place for years song you don't know who's the young man who is the defense minister and the look of the quotes are saying the possibility a referring to ted the cold nuclear weapons but he said he really didn't mean to to talk about that in terms of the actual deployment of the tactical nuclear weapons that were there were removed in one nine hundred ninety one and the. foreign minister said well we're we definitely have no plans to bring back tech or nuclear weapons because the whole goal is to have occurred. peninsula that is free of nuclear weapons and of self career brings back to tech or nuclear weapons then they've lost the moral high ground in terms of any possible agreement negotiated with north korea missile months or there are still the south korean officials i'm
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still talking about neutralizing d.p. our case nukes or nuclear facilities and something tells me that the that may be interpreted as extremely provocative in pyongyang in fact i've heard a number of russian diplomats say over the last week or so that in asian countries in particular. public pressure especially in the forms of ultimatums is almost always counterproductive simply because it leaves the other side with no recourse but to you ask a late don't you think that came to space for maneuver is now extremely limited follow limited than that of washington and seoul don't you think that that kind of language it could be could be provoke of this just a case that russia should not be objecting to the to the installation of the rest of the of the. anti-missile projectiles if you're talking about provocation if you're talking about the sense that they're going to have to wonder
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why russia and china are both opposed to south korea defended itself with your new defense of. project tells calls well i think you you know the answer to that question because you know that both china and russia and russia have their own strategic and security interest in the region none of them wants to see south and north korea as a nuclear power but they don't don't want to see american and south korean military exercises in the region the i'm sure you're well aware of that as well on the world the fact also but but. president putin also said the only thing that is left is years of words that he just seven we quote to you with president putin said in to a certain degree of. approve of what he said he said the of the us going to north korean crisis could cause a quote planetary catastrophe and huge loss of life ramping up military asturian such conditions and senseless is a dead end he told reporters in china that could lead to global planetary
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catastrophe and huge loss of human life there is no other would assault the north korean nuclear issue save that of peaceful dialogue well that's fine but where's the peaceful dialogue mr mann so i don't i don't think you quoted mr putin. to the fullest extent of his remarks because he also said that it would be foolish to expound on to expect from the north koreans to abandon the what is essentially their only security guarantee which is this nascent nuclear program nobody is approving of it but it is also if you consider that from every out political point of view and if you take into account recent american invasions of ferris countries wouldn't that be a logical that north korea would be on path and adamant in developing in its nuclear program as the only protection against possible american strike. you have to listen very carefully to what you just said the. america has
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no desire to occupy north korea. to go in there and to take out the president of north. america had no desire to take over libya and yet it did and if every other country in the in to care as it had no desire to occupy iraq or afghanistan even yes it did so you know why should the north korea be an exception axon i came here to talk about north korea not about other countries in which russia is involved or the united states is involved the issue here is that the president putin has called for peaceful dialogue to resolve the issue of north korea everybody agrees. with that you know peaceful dialogue is taking place so what do you do with this was for so that's that's what's going on do you just sit by and continue to see kim jong un develop the
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his nuclear capabilities which could really in danger both china and russia in the event that there is a mistake take place or there's an accident involving a country a developing nuclear weapons that has no history of thought to handle a nuclear weapons or do you get involved in sanctions or what do you do is so everybody's trying to come up with it with a way hopefully that would that would bring kim jong un to his knees and say look at you know i'm an imposition now with the whole world is against what i'm doing such as what would would people with the nations did in ending episode tied in south africa well mr mandela we have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. our. own
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welcome back to worlds apart but donald until the president of the korea economic institute of america mr months a lot and north korea has been under a very strict sanctions regime for quite some time all right that's clearly didn't change that behavior what makes you believe that yet they're not this route of sanctions is going to change anything they're not strict sanctions that's just a problem is that you have to do a couple of things and both are russia and china could really help a russia sends refined. petroleum to. to north korea. and china sends unrefined petroleum to the only refinery that that north korea has you choke off the energy and then you then you work with china say look at it
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you've got to stop using your banks as a method of of cleansing the money that's going back to north korea through their trade that gives them the hard currency that gives them the ability to buy all these different parts of the weapon crude that they that they presently have. but it's a plan but it will take every nation in the world especially china and russia to agree upon a play and to stop in the words of of of of the present plume the planetary a catastrophe of well mr months away again russia and china are extremely concerned about the problem but they're not there to do the american bidding refill all due respect a speaking about this is not american bidding this is the world did in trying to stop another nuclear power that's not the united states alone and neither china nor russia as have been threatened with. annihilation by a country developing
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a nuclear weapon china and russia should be very much concerned while china and russia are saluted concerned that may miss some of the i don't want to reiterate the same point over and over again i think what i find questionable is this how bit on the part of the united states which has been activated under this administration to issue commands to the rest of the world you cannot encourage those negotiations that you still want to see just by tweeting out if the united states wants to lead the world in this effort organize talks bring and talk to the same tweet for six times i'm here to talk about the big picture the world were a woman are going to do i don't know the mind of donald trump i don't know why he tweets if i was advisor i would advise him to give up to give up his twitter account on i do so if he does good diplomacy i think you have a situation where you know you have a new president in south korea who's doing who's doing his best to bring about his country to get everybody on the same page in that country to present to them the
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actual threat that's going on who's leading his country to to get the rest of said installed and to do everything he can with both offensive weapons and with the open door of negotiations to bring about a peaceful resolution obviously that's something that the russians should be achieved in favor of russia has absolutely no of disagreements with south korea this is actually what mr putin said a couple of months ago when he does russia does have a problem with south korea because south korea wants to defend itself what the thing and system one. of them is also supplied by one of by another country to be sure russia has problems but so i'm not sure that whether the root cause here is the south korean relationship or then there is a leg work comes from of korea develop its own thing and system russia would still be opposed to it well because russia fears that doc would strengthen the american influence in the region if the united states wants to do. discuss that constructively i'm sure both russia and china would be on board i really i totally
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i totally disagree with your premise this isn't about strength and american influence this is about keeping a nuclear war from breaking all that would hurt everybody including russia everybody is the same goal and that in that in that is world peace the difference is that both china and russia pearlie are willing to stand by and see korea develop a nuclear weapon. and try to contain it were as were as the rest of the world in mississauga korea does a regime that's the best credit while i'm mr mansell i think from a from this vantage point the problem with insuring global peace is you know senseless invasions of countries time and time again and i think that is also part of the equation with north korea but. rather than arguing about the same things you mentioned that i referred to the same twit five or six times i want to bring in another tweet by mr trump in which he said that he was considering the suspension
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of trade with the countries that do business with north korea which puts china at the forefront as both beyond chance and washington's largest trade partner do you think the united states can realistically afford to pin allies china in such a way without first kerching itself and also more generally aren't you concerned that this war of words between beijing and washington is also going to draw between pyongyang and washington is also going to draw in beijing and not so constructive manner well first of all nobody wants to see a true war is the only way to stop the thermal nuclear war is to get involved in a secondary boycott. which would be doing business with any nation that's doing business with north korea the debt could be an option that's on the table as not the preferred one but i think what the reason president mentioned that
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is the fact that we're there is that the whole world is so concerned. with north korea becoming a new nuclear power that is willing to use any peaceful method in order to bring that in order to see that that doesn't happen and one of those unfortunate tactics a would be involved in a. in a big trade dispute or in the sec what's called a secondary boycott no one wants to see that but but at times that may be the only option that's on the table we don't know him but he brought that up as been simply been an option on the tape well but you know mr trump's words have perceived. sometimes of this distress in various capitals around the world and i'm sure actually even if north korea if south korea are still considers itself the closest american ally i'm pretty sure many south korean officials are also quite concerned
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that i wanted to ask you about. mr trump's and not our idea and this time about walking out of a free trade agreement with saul he sad that this may happen as early as this week and i'm sure you would actually disagree with the rationale of such a move but why do you think such an urgency it took twenty minutes for us to get an area to get to an area of agreement but that's ok it's a very tense world and i appreciate your passion the it would be a mistake for us to pull out of chorus f t a for several reasons first of all. national security advisor and the secretary of defense but masters and and that has both said that this is not the time with everything so tense about north korea. etc this is not the time to bring in to open up another area to distract from the area of of of security and to bring in this whole area opening up chorus
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a second of all the united states is really a beneficiary of chorus because as to those items that are that are on the chorus schedule the. one sees actually has an increase in exports it's a true agreement that really of personifies what president truman was true in the present trip was talked about so i agree with you it be a very bad idea to withdraw from chorus ok let me see that gears a little bit here because i think what we are actually talking about is not so much again there the threat posed by north korea i think everybody agrees on that but really the you know i don't i don't think russia agrees on the threat i wouldn't i wouldn't i would disagree with you i know the spokesman for donald trump of the a spokesman for russia so you would know what their what their where russia stands on south korea on the on that because i came here to talk about north korea and not about donald trump but let me just say that the president president putin of he
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just says that he said sanctions won't work through useless. well that's interesting that takes a peaceful tool off the table. and he says are useless that doesn't do any good and he's trying to you know that's a peaceful method of trying to solve something as so if you take the head off the table then he says whoa all this is a peaceful dialogue but if north korea is unwilling to come to the table and get involved in a dialogue but all we have now in this appears to be a hopeful on the scene is that apparently president putin is going to be having a conversation or meeting with president assad in moon very shortly and you know i have the i have hope that perhaps something that president putin says to the two of them that maybe the three countries can can talk about the appropriate dialogue appropriate things to do so maybe maybe president putin can play a role here in bringing about
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a peaceful dialogue and the peninsula well i'm sure he will try to divest of his ability but i think one other option that's still be mains on the table is essentially recognizing north korea as a nuclear power and proceeding from that. has sought this status for quite some time why not give it to it you know that's what they want the people say well what is what is north korea one would north korea wants is to be recognized as a valid nuclear power. and then will the if that comes if that comes to pass then so will be you know if that's the case then send in the inspectors of sign the the point to none under the nonproliferation agreement the live by the rules that the other nuclear powers do but i mean that's that's something down the line but at this point i don't think anybody is really ready to see the fact that north korea's indeed a nuclear power on the order of russia china or the united states well i miss them
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until they unfortunately we have to leave it there i really appreciate your time and also your passion on this day you access. well for your preacher in your face you do you do the good job and i also encourage our viewers to share their comments on our twitter facebook and you tube pages i hope to see you again same place same time here on the walls of part. bosler the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it.
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destroy the world. says maybe it will mark zuckerberg has already destroyed the world so why does he care let's find out. i love. i. still love. you. mom. here's what people have been saying about rejected and this is a full on. the only show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really
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packs a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of party america is going to say we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank. sent us an e-mail. north korean official accuses american rifkind during efforts to end the simmering hostilities on the korean peninsula was made in a rare interview at a regional economic forum in russia. dozens are injured in clashes with police in south korea in protest against the poorly meant u.s. missile launch.


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